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The name Coyote & Cacti is a homage to my Northern New Mexico upbringing.  I believe place can impact a person like nothing else, and I feel that growing up in such a unique setting has helped to shape my opinions, style and overall outlook on life; I will always hold the coyote and the cacti in my heart.  I chose to create Coyote & Cacti as a means of holding my self accountable to explore, and remind myself to embody the spirit of the coyote. In many tales, the coyote plays the role of the trickster, and reminds us to be light and playful in our daily living. This blog was created to embrace the small magic that exists in daily life, and to share it with others.  To try new things, and go on new adventures. To see the familiar through a new lens, and to explore uncharted waters.  To create and to be inspired. To be playful. I hope you enjoy.


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