AntlersI love antlers.  I’m pleased that antlers have re-emerged as a design element recently, in a way that plays on their earthiness and repurposing, rather than as a souvenir from a hunting trip. My favorite way that I’ve seen antlers utilized is as a way to display jewelry.  Aside from being ascetically pleasing, this display is really easy to make!  The hardest part is tracking down the actual antlers; I bought a box of 6 from eBay, from a woman who claimed her husband had been storing several pairs in their garage since the 1970s, and was eager to get rid of them.

SuppliesAside from the antlers, you will need some wire & needle-nose pliers for winding the wire around the antlers.

Attaching Wire to AntlersWrap wire around the base of each antler, connecting with an arch of wire across the center.  Make sure that all ends of the wire are tucked in.  Once completed, you’re ready to hang!

Antler TrioI prefer to stack 3 smaller antlers, rather than having one large display, but I’m sure other layouts would look nice as well.

Happy crafting!

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