Cacti Terrarium How-To


In the middle of winter, it’s easy to get caught up in the gloom, and feel like the world will never be bright again. In January, it seems that fresh green and blossoms are out of reach. This simple terrarium tutorial is a good way to add a little bit of new life to the dreariness, and to remind us that, someday, spring will come again.

terrarium supplies

To create this terrarium, you will need the following:
– Soil
– Cacti
– Large rocks
– Pebbles
– Sand
– Assorted decorative items (i.e. sea shells, rocks, arrowheads, etc.)
– Glass jar or vase

spooning soilStart by layering large rocks along bottom of terrarium, and then spoon in soil. I recommend using a spoon in order to avoid soil residue dusting the inside of the vase.  After this, you can layer rocks, sand & soil in a pattern that you find pleasing.

spoon dirtGently place cactus onto a final layer of soil.  In order to avoid getting prickled, I recommend using a spoon and a popsicle stick to help in placing the cactus.  Once your cactus is placed in vase, gently spoon soil around roots.cactiTop soil with sand and decorative items, and you’re terrarium is finished.

from aboveEnjoy caring for your new plant friend, and allow it’s growth to brighten your winter.

One thought on “Cacti Terrarium How-To

  1. Put on gardening gloves to protect your hands and plant your cacti in the terrarium. Leave a few inches between each plant and in between the plant and the sides of the container.

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