Cave Dwellers

caveOver Christmas, I got the incredible opportunity to visit the “Tree of Life.” The “Tree of Life” is a carved sandstone cave in Northern New Mexico, created by artist Ra Paulette.

rocksThe area surrounding the cave is rocky, and without prior knowledge that the cave was nearby, it would be difficult to find.

viewThe hike up to the cave was short and sun-soaked, and provided a good warm-up to counter the frosty temps.


In the center of the cave exists the massive and beautifully carved tree trunk to the “Tree of Life.”

cave treeThe intricacy of the carvings is amazing, and the strategically placed skylights help to illuminate the details in the best possible way; but what is more impressive is that the entire cave was created solely by one man.

in caveIf you’d like to learn more about the caves & Ra Paulette, be sure to check out the documentary Cavedigger.  If you do get to visit the cave, be mindful to leave things as you found them. While there I saw several additional “carvings” that  are slowly destroying Paulette’s work, which is a trend I will never understand. Paulette’s work is magic, and needs preservation, not amateur embellishment.

Happy caving!

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