Coastal Lovin’

Almost everyone I know has at some point asked me the same question; “If you love sunshine so much, why did you move to Portland?” It’s a valid question. To me, a sunny day is the ultimate revitalizer, so why did I move somewhere that averages less than 150 days of sunshine per year? In short, it was the coastline.

When tall mossy trees combine with sand, craggy rocks & crashing waves, it’s magic.


Tidal pools are always filled with true treasures.

If you are thinking of heading to the coast for your own adventure, I would recommend exploring Oswald West State Park, Ecola State Park, or Shore Acres State Park (all pictured above), some of my favorite locations to catch a glimpse of the elusive sun, hike, and watch for waves & whales.

Happy adventuring!

2 thoughts on “Coastal Lovin’

  1. I love those pictures! They remind me of the time I spent living in Washington state. I’m in Maryland now, and our coastline has its own kind of charm, but it doesn’t have the majesty of the surf and rocks that the Pacific does.

    I’d love to visit the parks you mention! Next time I’m out there to see family, I’ll have to try and make a trip. They look like great hiking spots.

    (The Senator says, “Da picturez looks byootiful! But I duz nawt know why yew duz nawt get nervus wif such a BIG BAFTUB rite dere…”)

  2. Thanks for the feedback Sam! I haven’t spent much time on the Washington coast (although it’s on my to-do list), but I would imagine that it’s similar. As far as Maryland goes, I haven’t been there, but I feel like any coastline has it’s own unique charm! The parks I mentioned are some of my favorite, although there are so many other good ones that I could rave about, and plenty that I haven’t explored yet. Oswald West has some of my favorite coastal hikes. Tell The Senator that Meeps agrees… she doesn’t want anything to do with the ocean, and prefers to stay home in her snuggle sack 🙂

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