River  Being of Texan descent, I’ve been to the Lone Star state more times than I can count. Each time, I’ve been underwhelmed by the topography.  Back in June, I visited New Braunfels/Gruene area, and was pleasantly surprised by the landscape. Here are a couple of shots that helped me to readjust my views on Texas.

TreeFlower-filled fields & trees with sun-dotted leaves immediately strike me as the perfect place for some summertime magic.

cactiIf the name of this blog isn’t an indicator, cacti & cactus blossoms are a favorite of mine. Any place that lets prickly pears run rampant gets a point in my book.

Tree in WaterFinally, the rivers & trees. Obviously, rivers & trees both exist in a big way in Portland, but in Texas, these features take on a laid-back summertime vibe that is hard to find up north.

tiny flowersWhile I don’t think I’ll ever call Texas my home, it was nice to be able to find the beauty in something I’d previously dismissed.

2 thoughts on “Lonestar

  1. New Braunfels is a pretty area!

    When I lived in TX, the variety of the place was always interesting to me. The east Texas bayous aren’t anything like the dust-blown desert of west Texas, or the wildflower-dotted hill country, or the sunny beaches of South Padre, or the frankly kind of dismal panhandle.

    • Sam, I didn’t know that you lived in Texas until I watched your Kickstarter video today! I’ve heard that South Padre is pretty great! I haven’t spent much time in Eastern Texas, or really any of the good parts of Texas (most of my family lives in Amarillo, yikes!) so this was a welcome change of pace!

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