Mirror, Mirror


Mt. Hood

This past weekend, the sun decided to peak out through the clouds for what may be the last time. Or at least, what feels like the last time. With dropping temps and rain in the forecast, it seemed like the opportune time to soak up a little sunshine before the grey sets in for months.Tree SignsThe trail of choice? The Tom, Dick & Harry Mountain Hike, a popular and easily accessible hike in the Mt. Hood National Forest.  And yes, that’s really what it’s called.

Tiny Mushrooms This hike meanders through a dark and lush forest, filled with pint-sized treasures, like these tiny mushrooms that dot the trail.

Light Thru TreesOccasional breaks of sunlight through trees lets you know that you’re on the right track.

Mirror LakeHalf-way to the top, we stopped off at Mirror Lake to check out Mt. Hood’s reflection.

Orange MushroomsA bit past Mirror Lake, the trees become smaller, and the light becomes brighter.

Mountain Viewing From the top, the views are endless.

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