Serrano-Infused Tequila

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Happy weekend! It’s been a long week, so I felt that a celebration was in order. I’ve been intrigued by infused liquors for a while, and decided that this weekend would be the perfect time to experiment.  I love spicy cocktails, so I decided to craft two different options; a Serrano pepper infusion, and a Serrano & mango infusion.

Serranos & MangoInfusion is a pretty basic concept; essentially, you allow the fruits/veggies/herbs to soak in the liquor of your choice.  The preparation is easy, and takes no more than a few minutes.  The actual infusion process takes approximately 3-4 days, although some recommend longer.  For the Serrano-mango recipe, I recommend combining two Champagne mangos with six Serrano peppers, and using a mid-range Reposado tequila for your base.  Store mixture in a cool location within an airtight container ( I thought these Weck jars were perfect), and allow to stew for 3-4 days.  In order to achieve the desired flavor balance, sample your infusion every 24-hours.  Once it’s to your liking, strain out solids and serve as you like!

Serrano-infused tequilaSalud!


5 thoughts on “Serrano-Infused Tequila

    • They were both good! The plain Serrano ended up being spicier, the one blended with mango was a bit more mellow. We made cocktails using fresh grapefruit, soda water & a splash of triple sec, it made for a tasty non-traditional margarita! I will definitely be experimenting with more infusions in the future, I’m thinking a lavender gin or vodka may be next!

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