Star-Stamped Cards

Star cardsLately, it seems like everyone has their eyes turned towards the stars.  Meteor showers, solar & lunar eclipses have us gazing upward; on earth, galaxy print & holographic material dots the fashion landscape.  Like everyone else, I’m feeling starry-eyed.  With this in mind, I came up with a quick tutorial to create constellation-inspired greeting cards.

Materials: Ink pad or paint, fine-tipped pen, potato, star-guide, paper to print upon

Supplies for Star-Stamped Cards

Rather than painting stars, I opted to create my own biodegradable stamps using a potato, in order to allow for size, shape & texture of stars to remain similar. Potato StampsCreating potato stamps is an easy process; simply take the appropriate sized chunk of potato, and carve out your desired design. Once completed, you’re ready to stamp!Stamping

Use a star guide to map out your desired constellation, or create  your own! I chose to use a metallic paint in order to give these cards a bit of sparkle, but any color will do.

Connecting The StarsFor the final touch, use fine-tipped marker or pen to connect the stars to create constellation.

Constellation CardsWhat will you create?

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