Trail Not Maintained

DSC_0203This past weekend, some friends & I headed out in search of epic views… and we found them! My new favorite top-of-the-world trail is Munra Point, in the Columbia River Gorge. ┬áIn addition to amazing views, there are some true treasures along the way.

DSC_0075Less than a mile from the trailhead, we stumbled across Elowah falls.

DSC_0098.DSC_0092m DSC_0083A variety of blossoms dotted the trail.

DSC_0093The trail was deceptively flat in the beginning, allowing for full appreciation of the variety of scenery that we encountered along the way.

DSC_0103Soon enough, the trail got steep, and began leading to better and better views.


The trail continues to rise, up & up.

DSC_0146In the end, the carefully planted footsteps, the mad scrambles & the dirty palms were worth it, and I know that I’ll be sure to return soon.

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