What The Festival?!

Glitter FlowerA week ago, I headed out past the Columbia River Gorge to the small farming community of Dufur, Oregon.  The town is small & sleepy, and at any other time of the year, I probably wouldn’t be stopping through.  But this weekend is different; it’s What The Festival?! weekend at Wolf Run Ranch, and I wouldn’t be anywhere else.  What The Festival?! is a relatively new event, which combines music, film, interactive art & workshops to create a unique festival-going experience. Here are a few of my favorite aspects from the weekend.

Wolf Run RanchThe venue itself is beautiful; with spectacular views of both Mt. Hood & Mt. Adams, multiple stages and various camping options, you can’t help but being happy at Wolf Run Ranch.

Zia Tee-Pee

I always love finding a zia outside of New Mexico.
Splash Pool

The Splash Stage was the ideal place to make new friends, soak up the sunshine & dance to the sounds of Kygo, Viceroy & Claude Von Stroke.

Sign PostThe Illuminated Forest offered thought-provoking visual displays, and was a great place to stop and ponder after a night of dancing.

Illuminated Forest Elephant

You never know what you’ll stumble across, like this life-sized fabric elephant.

Dream Catcher & WorkshopOr a belly dancing workshop, taught under giant Rachel Rice dreamcatchers.

Disco BallAll in all, it was a great weekend, and I can’t wait to go back next year. Hope to see you all there next year!

2 thoughts on “What The Festival?!

  1. It was really fun! The previous year they had it in late July, which I think was a bit better weather-wise. Aside from that though, it was great!

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